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Mini Moon!  Super Cool Moon Light.  3D printed for accurate moon representation, soft lighting and easy to hold. I love you higher than the moon and back.  Now you can give it to them to prove it! 🌕💕

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Brand: Mitos Creations

Color: Warm and Cool White


  • DISCOVER THE MOST UNIQUE MOON LAMP EVER CREATED! The Mitos Crescent luxurious 3D printed LED moon lamp is designed according to NASA satellite images in order to reproduce the real surface of the moon. Also, the premium magnetic wooden base will add a unique touch of elegance to your living room or bedroom night stand. You can choose between a cool white and a warm yellow light to create the perfect atmosphere in any room!
  • UNLIKE OTHER MOON LAMPS ours is ideally sized for any coffee table, desk or night stand and is UNIBODY (single mold) using 3D printing technique for enhanced durability! Plus, it’s CPSC certified so it’s 100% safe!
  • ONLY ONCE IN A BLUE MOON will you find a more visually stunning and practical decorative lamp! The huge 500mAh rechargeable battery will last for up to 10 hours in full brightness mode with just 2 hours of charging, while the 6ft USB cable will allow you more flexibility. And the best part? We include a USB wall-charger, so you don’t have to look for free USB ports, simply plug it in and you’re done!
  • FLY YOUR LOVED ONES TO THE MOON with this stylish 3D printed LED moon lamp set and offer them a wonderful addition to their décor! Perfect for men women and children, our realistic LED moon lamp will not only impress your guests, but also offer a great educational experience for your kids! Since we offer a super-cool map with fun facts about the moon!
  • TRY OUR MAGNIFICENT LED MOON LAMP FOR 90 DAYS 100% RISK-FREE and if you are not 100% thrilled with its incredible design, practical size and unique features, we promise to offer you a prompt and full refund! No questions asked! Why settle for boring and low-quality lamps when you could finally own a one-of-a-kind 3D printed, eco-friendly and stylish moon lamp?


► Want To Add A Refreshing Natural Touch To Your Bedroom, Living Room Or Office? Read On!

Just like the moon has been illuminating the dreams of people for millions of years, the Mitos Crescent unique LED moon lamp is here to create a unique, soul-soothing and elegant atmosphere in your bedroom.
The star of the show is certainly the 3D printed moon lamp that is based on real NASA satellite images to offer you the most realistic experience.
In addition, the perfect sized model and premium USA-made PLA material will allow you to explore the surface of the moon and spend quality time with your children.


► You’ll Be Over The Moon About Your Unique LED Decorative Lamp!

Now you can turn off the lights, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy a relaxing evening illuminated by your luxurious moon lamp.
Perfect for your living room, bedroom or office, the Mitos Crescent LED lunar lamp will immediately transcend the décor of any space!


► Here’s What You Get:

✔️ Natural Wooden Magnetic Base For Stability & Style

✔️ 500mAh USB-Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer Battery Will Last For 10 Hours

✔️ Customized 6ft USB Cable

✔️ Handy Wall Charger

✔️ One-Of-A-Kind Uni-Body Design

✔️ FCC, CE, RohS Certified By CPSC Accepted Labs

✔️ Cool Bright White / Warm Yellow Light

✔️ Easy Brightness Adjustment

✔️ 100% Realistic Design

✔️ Super-Easy Assembly


► Designed For People Who Are Asking For The Moon When Choosing A Lamp!

We know that finding a high-quality moon lamp is difficult, that’s why we have spent double the time and effort to ensure that the Mitos Crescent 3D printed LED moon lamp not only meets, but exceeds your expectations!
And we don’t want you to trust our words. Try our magnificent moon lamp for yourself for 90 days absolutely risk-free!


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