Saber Platinum Lightsaber with Infinite LED Color Options(11), Multiple Sound Fonts, FOC, and Heavy Dueling Support Build (Silver)



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Brand: Saber Platinum

Color: Silver


  • Smooth handle+Removable blade. The handle is made of aluminium alloy and the the blade is made of high quality Light Diffusion Polycarbonate
  • SFX Lightsaber : 5 Watts and features 3 sound fonts+mute and RGB LED lighting to offering 11 colors. It also has 6 glowing modes: High brightness, low brightness, blazing, flashing (slow, medium, fast)
  • Flash on Crash (FOC): This lightsaber has FOC option which makes the blade flashes in bright white light as the soundboard detects an impact and plays an impact sound. This effect is demonstrated throughout the lightsaber duels in movies and cartoons
  • Saber Platinum lightsabers support heavy dueling so that you may wield with a Force in your every swing
  • Included in packaging: 1200mAh 3.7VDC Built-in Lithium Ion Battery, USB charging cord, 1 Lightsaber, and User’s guidance

Publisher: Ningbo Hi-Tech Park Yishen Electronics Appliances Co.,LTD

Details: Saber Platinum’s new lightsaber brings to the market a variation of the classic best-selling lightsaber model at a economical price but with all the premium setup you expect to find in a pricey lightsaber. Our lightsaber is made from machined aluminum for high durability and the blade is safely secured inside the machine grooves with two screws to keep it in place. This saber is the perfect combat weapon not only for younglings but also for adult warriors who seek a compact weapon that can bring out the full thrills of heavy clashing.

FX Saber Sound This saber simulates realistic movie sounds from ultra loud to quiet to mute with our 3 sound fonts+mute. It also has FOC which causes the blade to flash in bright white light upon impact and plays an impact sound.

Aluminum Handle The handle is smooth and cold to touch. Feel the weight of it as it sinks into your hands for the first time and feel the surge of excitement that flows from your fingertips.

Glowing blade: The blade is made out of Light Diffusion Polycarbonate that allows the LED light to shine brightly through and really illuminate the surroundings especially in a darker environment. The fact that the blade is made out of polycarbonate is why this saber can withstand heavy dueling. The blade also has a pointed tip that makes the design looks even closer to a real lightsaber. However the tip is not very sharp which minimizes any safety risks.

Illuminated Switch: This controls the power of the saber and allows you to change sound fonts and colours. It lights up when power is turned on.

For videos of this of this lightsaber, visit us on Facebook @SaberPlatinum and click on Videos in our Facebook page.

UPC: 695925824758

EAN: 0695925824758


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