Stinky Prank Candle – Apple Pie Gone Bad



Would be a great secret santa gift or gift to someone who can take a joke. Not sure they’ll like the dirty butt smell lingering throughout their house. This smells great! Oh wait this Smells Terrible 🙁

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Brand: WTF Candles

Color: White


  • Prank Candle smells great for the first few hours of burn time, then suddenly smells awful. 40 total hours of burn time, if you can stand it!
  • Candle is packaged in a box that indicates it is a prank candle. Remove box and gift to your frenemy in the nondescript glass.
  • Scent changes from Apple Pie to Dirty Fart. 5.8oz
  • Perfect for April Fools, a White Elephant Gift, a Housewarming Gift, or any time you’re looking for a laugh.

Details: This is one of those chances in life. One of your moments. This hand-crafted candle literally starts out smelling like the sweet scent of Apple Pie and turns into Dirty Fart after about an hour or two. This isn’t just a poop scented candle. The top layer smells pleasant & incredible prompting your unsuspecting victim to light it at a dinner party, on a date, when they are relaxing, or any inopportune time to get pranked. Our patented process creates a clear and distinct switch from good to bad scent. The packaging is great – it’s a large candle that looks like you bought it at a high end department store. This is the easiest prank to pull ever – just light a candle and wait. Your victim will never know where the stank is coming from. You’re about to embark on a wonderful and hilarious journey. Often – our customers will report that their victims will initially thank them because it’s “the best candle they’ve ever burned.” Because of this, they’re even less likely to blame the candle when they think, “WTF is that smell?” This funny prank is a great gag gift for office pranks, pranks to pull on your friends, White Elephant Gifts, April Fools Day gifts, or any occasion where you’re looking for a good laugh. This is the perfect way to prank an unsuspecting friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor, client, boss, frenemy, enemy, etc. Our Prank Candles are made with 100% soy wax, stearic acid, fragrance, and of course a wick. We also back our products with a full satisfaction guarantee so if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, let us know and we’ll fix it!

UPC: 612058865731

EAN: 0612058865731


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