All Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap



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Brand: Osana

Color: Green


  • SMELLS GREAT and REALLY WORKS! See our Testimonials!
  • RECEIVE 3 BARS OF SOAP and Osana will donate 1 bar on your behalf to those in need around the world. Manufactured with 100% all natural ingredients
  • NON-TOXIC and CHILD FRIENDLY, and contains no animal products
  • NEVER WORRY about forgetting your bug spray again, simply shower with Osana and forget about the bugs. Effectively cleanses, moisturizes, and helps to protect skin
  • HELP FIGHT MALARIA – every time you purchase soap Osana donates bars ON YOUR BEHALF to those in need around the world suffering from Malaria and sanitation based illnesses. Protect yourself from unwanted mosquito bites and help others!

Details: OSANA BAR

100% natural herbal extracts,
smells great, and actually works keeping the Mosquitos away naturally!


– Absolutely not, read our reviews. It’s a natural fresh scent like any other fresh natural soap that smells great when you shower however you will not even be able to smell it after done showering.

– However if you do use toxic bug spray you might smell weird 🙂


– Every time you purchase Osana for yourself we donate bars to those around the world suffering from Malaria and sanitation based illnesses.

– Follow the soap we donate on your behalf around the world on the Osanabar site.

– Protect yourself from pesky mosquito bites and help save lives around the world.


Unlike bug spray, pest bracelets, mosquito patches, citronella candles, insect traps, or other bug repellents this is natural and a preventative vs reactive repellent. Simply shower as you would normally with Osana Bar and stay protected for 24 hours without doing anything. You’re already protected before you ever come in contact with Mosquitos.


– Healthy, non-toxic, alternative to bug sprays and pesticides.

– Contains no animal products.

– 100% all natural ingredients.

– Child friendly, safe to use with, no side effects.

– Many of the commercial anti-mosquito products on the market today are extremely toxic to the body, often containing neurotoxins and chemicals that have been shown to impair cell function as well as kill healthy cells. Osana is a natural alternative that protects the body just as well, if not better then those toxic products.

– Healthy skin, prevents bacteria & bites.

EAN: 5949023500010


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