The Ninja 360 Circular Rolling Knife.



Who doesn’t want to cut meat and veggies with a handheld circular saw?  Many kitchen gadgets come and go but this one caught our attention.  We’ll order it and provide a review as soon as we get it! 🙂 Need a good quick sushi roll cutter  too so this may do the trick.

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Brand: Ninja 360


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Ninja 360 features a revolutionary ergonomic rolling knife which is made out of stainless steel and comes with a high quality ABS handle. It guarantees perfect results whilst never rusting, all while providing an exclusive non slip handle for ultimate protection.
  • BEST VALUE PACK: Ninja 360 dwarfs its competitors by offering not one, but TWO blades for a low price.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE: If your knife can do it, Ninja 360 can do it. Its design and quality can can be used for most cuts, from slicing a pizza to slicing up some beef.
  • SAFE TO USE: Featuring its ergonomic handle, Ninja 360 guarantees protection and comfort with an added break for the blade to stop rolling and provide stability in those harder cuts!
  • DISHWASHER FRIENDLY: Want to take it apart? Just pop the two triangle shaped slots found along the knife and pull up the green compartment at the top of the knife and it all comes right apart. Then you just have to throw it in the dishwasher.

Publisher: Exciting Innovations

Details: Note: This set includes TWO knives and ONE handle. Instructions for use: Note: For safety whilst using slow down cutting when knife approaches fingers. The Brake keeps blade from freely rotating 1. For comfort & security, place your hand around the top section of the casing with a secure grip and have thumb resting on thumb rest. 2. Place blade in contact with cutting su rface and roll gently back and forth over food item.For large food such as carrots,feed food slowly toward the blade while rolling rather than moving blade to the food. For smaller objects such as herbs and garlic,roll blade as desired. For best results, roll blade without lifting it unnecessarily. If blade slips or stops rolling, relax pressure on casing or lift unit and reposition on cutting surface. 3.To chop, use the trigger/brake: Lift brake upward with forefinger to chop, release for rolling action. Minimal pressure is required.

UPC: 748079486508

EAN: 0748079486508


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