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How to get a better night’s sleep

Did you sleep OK last night?  I did!  I like to wrap my woobie up tight by my head.  I pull it over my ear and tuck it behind my shoulder and under my chin. I usually end up mid night in a pile of sweat, but the only way I can fall asleep is when I’m wrapped up tight. I use my bathrobe as my woobie and I have a few so i never run out of woobies.  (lol, no that is not me in the bag, thinking that may be a bit too much for me, but willing to try it out 😉 )

Before I found the magic of weighted blankets I used to add a pile of clothes on the bed.  Made me feel like I was  safe, secure and hidden.  When I travel and if forget my woobie, all hell breaks loose.  I pile hotel couch cushions and spare towels all over the bed and I’ve even been known to add my suitcase on top of the pile.   I think maybe in a past life I was digging myself into a pile of leaves trying to avoid the enemy – in either WW2 of Vietnam, not sure.  Maybe I was a fighter pilot who crashed in the jungle and then had to avoid capture by hiding in the brush.  For some reason I like planes (fighter types- my favorite is P51D)  and also burying myself under stuff to get a good night rest. ( searched p51 and something interesting popped up so I’ll share it in products below  )

So weighted blankets do the trick now and my bed looks refreshed, and I have a few woobies that I use that are fluffy and light weight and match the bedding.   In addition I recommend some of these other products that help keep you cool while still feeling secure and hidden. I’ve tried out various pillows and sheets, so I would say I am an expert in finding the right combination of sleeping gear.

When I was a kid my mom insisted I use an electric blanket.  I hated those things.  Light weight and bumps all over and feeling like you might wake with your bed on fire.   And what to do with summer approaching fast.  Nothing worst than sleeping with only a sheet on.  I much prefer to wake up in a puddle than to only be protected by a thin layer of cotton.  I’ve even thought about purchasing a sleeping bag to tuck it in on the sides too.

What about you, if you are anything like me than you need some weight on the bed.  The dogs help, cats too. You definitely need a weighted blanket,  it will change your life.  Add my favorite sleeping sound machine to your gear and you’ll be a happy camper for sure 😉 !

Check out my favorite sleep aids and other cool gift ideas mentioned here in my cool ass sleeping blog.

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