What’s going on with my PS4 Controller?

Lets just start this by saying I am a PS4 fan-gal.  I love my PS4 even though I haven’t broken down yet and purchased the Ps4 pro. I started with xbox when I saw a demo at target for Halo.  I was like “what the fuck, I am missing out, this is unreal!”  But I eventurally moved onto PS3 and was one of the ones standing in line at midnight launch when PS4 came out, and yes…  the same for PSVR.

My top games believe it or not are FPS games, I’m just addicted.  Battlefield 1, V, Bad Company, COD all of them, Titanfall and my most recent find Last of Us Remastered.  I know its not a first person game, but the multiplayer is badass. Believe it or not, I just picked it up about a week ago.  Didn’t think I could wrap myself up in a 3rd person perspective, but I was wrong.

Controller issues!

So, in playing Last of Us this week,  on first go I selected factions and thought , nobody is still going to be playing this (cause its so old) and much to my surprise I joined a game in less than 3 minutes.  Man, what a cool game!  I do suck at it though, and I would consider this is the hardest Multiplayer I have ever played.  Typically I can jump into a new FPS game and dominate all the little boys in matter of minutes.

But I am rambling, the real reason I’m here is to complain about the PS4 controller.  I am on my 7 or 8th one.  When I started playing BF4 way back I had noticed I couldn’t move forward without feeling like I was stuck in the mud.  I thought it was due to all the lag that the game launch had back a few years ago.  Remember that shit show? 

But found I was stuck in the mud with other games too so it wasn’t lag.  I quickly got a new controller and same thing happened in about a few weeks.  Lets replay that story over the course of 2 years and I’ve swapped out controllers at least 7 times.  I finally thought I bought a good one,  and i even put a sticker on it so I would know its the good one-but in playing Last of Us,  it started happening again.  WTF!? Maybe I would be better at this game if my controller didn’t suck ass.  It happens on the left L3 button or if you try to crouch and move forward.  Feels like lag, but it is definitely the controller.  Really pisses me off.

I don’t know if PlayStation makes these controllers so that the sensors wear out after a couple of months so that you have to buy a new controller or if it’s a just a shitty engineering design. It  almost makes me want to switch to Xbone.  I said almost.

Anyways, does anyone else have this issue??? Come on you must!

Maybe I’ll try on of the newer ones – OUBANG –  I’ll keep you posted.


  • Have you tried this new game called Lord Of Chains? If so can you let me know what its like?

    Text Based Game

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