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Out of all the dogs I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the years, Ginger Bean is definitely the sweetest pooch, but my god, her constant high pitched, (startling) barking, shaking, running between my feet and need for 24×7 attention is getting on my last nerve.


I think Bean definitely suffers from separation anxiety coupled with extreme energy.  We got Bean from a shelter and the previous owner gave her up due to her disposition and the fact that her apartment manager threatened to evict them.  We were lucky to have rescued Bean and we’ve had her for 8 years now and her energy level is still the same as day one. I know fox terriers are high energy and require lots of exercise.  Even after long walks in the park, running it out and we get home and enter the house, she runs a mad dash hopping over furniture and shouting to the world”  My owners are home, my owners are home!”

To help her calm the fuck down I wanted to try out calming pet tabs.  Now most dogs I’ve owned I’ve always needed to hide medicine in a scoop of peanut butter or rolled up bread ball, and even then the tablet usually ends up stuck to the carpet after they eat everything except the meds.   Bean likes just about any type of food (her favorite snacks are carrots).

Can”t even say the word carrot or she will bounce up and down and freak out and have a stroke.


I thought I would try and just hand her a calming tab and see if she eats it. Yes.  she wants more.   She gobbled up 2 of them in 10 seconds flat. No disguise needed.  And in about 10 minutes later she is laying out, totally relaxed and chilled. Now my other dogs just spit it out, so can’t guarantee your dogs will gobble it up.  Bean is pretty unique , her second favorite snack is fresh cat poop running a close second to used tampons out of the trash.


Thumbs up 10 star rating for this product,  no need to search any further.



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