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Faced with a difficult choice?

Faced with a difficult choice?

Maybe you are figuring out if you should take that new job, quit your current position to start that business of your dreams or move to a new city. Maybe you are in the process of weighing the pros and cons and trying to forecast the ultimate outcome.

Over the years of being faced with many difficult decisions, I’ve learned projecting the outcome never really works and typically sets you up for a wild rollercoaster ride of one step forward 3 steps back

It will never work out that way

Many people try to map out the projected outcome in terms of financial gain. ie if I start this business and sell millions of widgets I’ll be rich and be able to buy a vacation home in Maui.

Instead of having your ultimate point of success be that final financial outcome, map out the journey and the benefits you’ll gain along the way.  For example,  I am going to start this widget business and in taking steps to get it to market I will learn many things I currently do not know.  I’ll learn how to develop a brand, I will learn more about social media, I will learn and gain experience in widget creation, regulations and working with partners.  It will be exciting to set up an ecommerce site and generate widget orders.  My success will not be determined by the final monetary outcome, but by the relationships I create and the knowledge I gain and most importantly the thrill of paving my own way.

If you look at your current choices without projecting a “finish line”, you’ll be able to live a life without fear of failure while truly enjoying the process in all of its up and down glory, instead of just  a payout that you may never get to.

If you are working through some decisions, here are some cool products that can make it easier

Next steps begin with next steps.  This is perfect for taking that first step in identifying your vision for your journey

Yea man, chill in the bath with some sweet smells and you’ll cleanse that inner self. You have done all you can today, time to chill and empty the mind.

Great book that maps out everything I just said

Don’t stop believing.  The Journey is the key to happiness, for real. This book is great especially if you’ve been traumatized by a douche bag

You should live in the moment, that is all you have. this book shows you 1001 ways to accomplish it.

Something every coffee table should have.  Might inspire you to write your own novel

Good for when you are thinking.  Stimulates the inner vessels.

Not sure why I’m including this on the list, but the reality is that it will help you escape from reality.  Something we should all do  to clear the mind and soul.  Plus its super cool. Have you tried VR yet.  What?  Lets get with it! Look at the freaking price!

You gotta have cupcakes.  All different types. Inspiring.

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