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Constipation at Work

If you are like me, it can be difficult to take a poo in a public place.

Working sucks and most everyone truly hates their job, unless you are one of the lucky ones that feels like you are making a difference, rather than just making your boss rich.  “oh you so lucky”  So in reality,  the stress sets in and tightens everything up, including your bowels.  Going for a walk  on lunch or break to release some gas helps, but what about when your late for work and don’t have time for that morning poop.  What’s a gal to do? I like to poop totally naked too,  but taking off all my clothes at work and hanging them in a stall is not really an option.  I guess I could, but that might create too much unwanted attention.

Let me know, do you like to poop naked too? Have you ever done the naked poop at work.  I bet not.

To poop or not to poop?

I think the key here is timing.  If you work in a small office you just have to embrace it, or hold it,  but if you work in a multi-story building you can always use a different floor bathroom. easy enough…  but we’ve all had stage freight when we finally get to the toilet and insta-constipation sets in, especially when you hear the person next to you struggling to let out a few marbles.

The key here is to pack a few suppositories.  If you haven’t already thought of that, you are just not thinking.  This will make your entire pooping at work fear a thing of the past.  just hit the stall and put in the butt plug and within minutes or even seconds you are ready to have a full and satisfying bowel movement.

If  you are concerned about the smell, we’ve all heard of Poo-Pourri  right?  It really does work and you and the next guy/gal will have a much better bathroom experience.

So there it is, pack your poop pack with suppositories, poo-pourri and make sure you eat some fiber the night before and you ‘ll be able to poop as soon as you get up and have a much better day and the right attitude for making your boss super rich.


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